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Providing Outreach and Education to Underserved Minority Families

Coral Gables
State/Province Full: 
United States

The applicant provides services for families of individuals with autism spectrum disorders in the South Florida area, and notes that Haitian-Creole and Spanish-speaking families are underserved within this community. This project will enable the applicant to better reach and serve the Haitian-Creole and Spanish-speaking populations in South Florida. to improve outreach despite an absence of Creole-speaking staffers, the applicant will hire and train bilingual Creole-speaking parents to serve as liaisons to other Haitian-Creole families. Parent liaisons will provide accurate information on ASDS, encourage evaluations when appropriate, provide educational and referral information and assist families in navigating the school system and other community agency services. to improve educational services, UM-NSU CARD will hold two all-day conferences (one in Spanish, one in Haitian-Creole) for parents and professionals, with basic information on ASDS and meeting communication and behavioral needs. UM-NSU CARD will also translate literature and educational materials into Spanish and Creole, and purchase augmentative and alternative communication devices that will be programmed in Spanish and Creole.