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PROMPT Therapy Training for the Treatment of Verbal Apraxia

State/Province Full: 
New York
United States

PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Targets) Therapy has been found to be effective in treating verbal apraxia, yet this therapy in not currently available to children with autism/verbal apraxia in the Capital District. the school district, in collaboration with the PROMPT Institute, will offer a three-day training course for 24 Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) to be provided with level 1 PROMPT training. Preference will be given to SLPs who are based in the New York State/Capital District Region and have the ability to impact a maximum number of students. North Colonie Central School District will provide space and equipment for the training. the progress of this initiative will be monitored by each SLP enrolled in the training program: they will be required to measure the sound/language production of at least ten students prior to initiating PROMPT Therapy and again after providing six months of PROMPT Therapy.

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