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Project Still (Sensory Trial Intervention Lending Library)

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United States

Sensory intervention has a number of benefits for children with autism, including increasing focus, decreasing anxiety and reducing the need for self-stimulation. This project will create a lending library of sensory therapy materials for trial use by children with autism in the Des Moines area. Children will be able to use the materials free of charge at home, at school and in programs offered by the applicant, which provides social language groups and preschool services for children with autism. Through the lending library, parents will be able to try out different sensory therapy materials to see what works for their child without taxing family resources. the lending library will also permit the applicant to serve some families who might not otherwise have access to occupational therapy equipment. the applicant does not currently employ an occupational therapist, but plans to add one to its staff in the future. in the near term, the project will be supported by staff including two speech pathologists and two special educators.