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Project Lifesaver - Palm Beach County

West Palm Beach
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United States

Project Lifesaver provides technology that permits individuals with ASD and Alzheimer's to be located quickly, should they wander and become missing. the program has been implemented in 41 states, with a 100% success rate in locating wandering individuals. Average search time is 30 minutes. This project will help implement Project Lifesaver in Palm Beach County, Florida. It will require: the purchase of 300 transmitter packages for participants, the purchase of equipment for 20 canine cars and 2 helicopters, the training of 300 families and caregivers, the training of 15 volunteers to replace batteries once a month, and the training of 25 law enforcement officials. This project will help law enforcement locate missing individuals with ASD and Alzheimer's more effectively, and will give families and caregivers increased confidence in the safety of their loved one.

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