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Playing to Learn, Learning to Play

State/Province Full: 
New Jersey
United States

This project will provide a comprehensive and systematic play curriculum based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and increase the scope and capacity of service providers to effectively teach play skills to children with autism. the staff will have access to and receive hands on training in the implementation of an exhaustive, systematic, scientific and therefore effective system of teaching play skills. Student interns will also be trained in these programs. When the curriculum is shared, countless staff in other agencies, school districts and private schools will also have access to these programs. to further extend the project's reach, a workshop in collaboration with Caldwell College to train educators in programs across the region to effectively teach play skills to children with autism will be presented. Efforts to further disseminate the Play Curriculum in the future include its presentation at the annual Association for Behavior Analysis conference as well as, ultimately, a book based on the curriculum to be published within approximately three years.