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Peer-Mediated Social Skills Training

State/Province Full: 
New Hampshire
United States

Seacoast Mental Health Center's Spectrum Services will expand its treatment services to include a Peer-Mediated Social Skills component that will pair children with ASDS with middle and high school-aged youth. Incorporating the latest evidence-based ABA techniques, this program will provide children and young adults with ASDS with opportunities to learn specific actions and activities by imitating and modeling the behaviors of their peer mentors while engaging in a number of confidence building activities. Extensive hands-on training will be provided to staff, clinicians, peers and children with ASDS. in addition, peer participants will not only model specific actions and behaviors, but will also present verbal directions to the children with ASDS under the guidance of trained staff. the training provided to the peers, as well as staff members, will enable this program to expand beyond the needs of the current group served.