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The Pathways Parent Education Series for Military Families: Providing Military Families in Underserved Communities the Support They Need to Make Informed Treatment Decisions for Their Child after an Autism Diagnosis

United States

This proposal seeks to adapt and expand the PPES program to meet the specific needs of military families by tailoring the curriculum, presentations, worksheets, and interactive web-based Q & A sessions. Funding will also enable the National Autism Center to offer the PPES program free of charge to 25 military families stationed at Fort Knox (KY), Naval Station Annapolis and Forts Belvoir, Meade, and Myers (Washington, DC), Fort Lee and Fort Eustis (VA), and Fort Hood (TX) that have been identified by the Exceptional Family Program (EFMP) as having the greatest need for ASD services.  After the two-night training, a web-based Q & A sessions will be offered at intervals of three and six months. Parents will also receive a copy of A Parent’s Guide to Autism and Evidence-Based Practice, a 200-page manual published by the National Autism Center that outlines important aspects of selecting educational and behavioral treatment for children on the spectrum. Once parents have completed the program, they will be able to make treatment decisions with confidence, better handle their child’s behaviors, and advocate for effective treatment for their child.