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Parents and Professionals Training Project: Targeting Outreach to Underserved Families

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United States

Children with autism typically need an array of services from their school districts. However, parents may not know what services to ask for, or what their children's legal rights are with respect to getting services. Medical professionals and educators may be unfamiliar with the relevant provisions of special education law, and therefore less effective than they could be in assisting parents to obtain the needed services. to address these issues, the applicant, a provider of legal services to the autism community in Massachusetts, has developed a three-part project. First, the project will train 200 parents of children with autism statewide, informing them of the available services and their legal rights. Second, the project will provide intensive services to 30 Haitian and Latino families, who will receive training, adapted to their own language and culture, and will meet regularly with project staff. Third, the project will conduct special education law workshops for 250 medical professionals, educators and other service providers, with the aim of enabling them to write reports and IEPs that will be more effective in helping children obtain the services they need.