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Parent P.R.E.P (Pre-School Readiness and Education Program)

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United States

The Parent P.R.E.P pilot will create a formalized, hands-on training model that aims to educate parents with children (ages 1-3) in a school-based and home setting. to best serve the growing number of families with children with ASD in Utah, Clear Horizons Academy seeks to create a systematic method of training parents with children with ASD to promote healthy child development during the critical growth periods of ages 1-3. This project will advance the cause of creating intensive early intervention services for children with ASD and their families. the Parent P.R.E.P pilot will provide the skills necessary for parents to adequately address their child's development. It is estimated that 100 individuals will be served with the funding from Autism Speaks (up to 50 parents and 50 children).

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