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Calls to Action

Making Public Libraries Accessible for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Ft. Lauderdale
United States

The goal of this proposal is to facilitate the active participation of young children with autism spectrum disorder in story time activities at the library. To accomplish this goal, we will provide to youth librarians in all 37 public libraries in Broward County, Florida the tools, the specialized training, and the support necessary to carry out inclusive story time activities for children with ASD.  The program will be comprised of two components delivered in two phases. In phase one, the librarian at each branch responsible for youth services will participate in one 3-hour training session at the beginning of the year. The training session will address the characteristics of children with ASD and present effective strategies to communicate with them. To ensure that all youth librarians have the opportunity to participate in the phase 1 training session, the 3-hour demonstration and practice session will be held in four different locations across Broward County.