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Make-And-Take Workshop

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United States

This project will develop communication books and materials that will enable students with ASD to more fully participate in classroom activities and engage appropriately with family members, as well as within the community. the focus of this project is to enable families, teachers, school staff, and SLPs to work collaboratively in order to develop picture communication books, visual schedules, choice boards and other materials for classroom, community, and home use. Including families in this endeavor will enable participants to construct low-tech communication tools that will be meaningfully and enthusiastically implemented within the classroom, home and community environments. in addition, expanding students' ability to communicate with other people, enabling choice and increasing response options for ASD students through using a variety of communications media, increases their participation in all environments. These collaborative efforts will include the family members and other caregivers of ASD children who not only ensure generalization of learned skills, but also provide valuable input with regard to those vocabulary targets most functional for their children's learning styles, that can be most successfully implemented outside of the classroom. Through their active participation in this initiative, families will be able to provide input with regard to their child's home needs while simultaneously carrying over those skills developed in school.