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Listen: the Link Is Specialists Training Educators Now

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South Carolina
United States

Richland School District #2 in South Carolina is an acknowledged leader in providing assistive technology to students with special needs. However, the district has identified problems in meeting the communication needs of children with autism. Teachers don't know how to assess the students' needs, match them with the appropriate assistive technology devices, or ensure that the devices are used effectively. in addition, there is no teacher training program in place to help teachers develop these skills. Project LISTEN seeks to remedy these problems by training a core group of five teachers, who will learn how to meet the assistive technology needs of students with autism, train other teachers who have students with autism, and serve as mentors for those teachers. to train the core group, the district will create four comprehensive training modules. the district also will purchase augmentative communication devices that will be dedicated to teacher training, and used in hands-on work with students as part of the training process. the training modules will be made accessible to district teachers and also will be provided to the National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities, for dissemination to other districts in South Carolina and around the nation.