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"Let's Vault, Max!" Equestrian Vaulting As Social and Physical Training for Children on the Autism Spectrum

West Chester
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United States

The dynamic environment created in the Equestrian Vaulting program will result in new educational, social, and movement opportunities for the participants. the learning takes place in a natural environment, i.e., a barn and farm setting, where children perform highly motivating activities, resulting in better self control which carries over into the child's daily routines at home and school. Children with diagnoses on the autism spectrum will achieve the goals of improved social behaviors; teamwork and cooperation; and improved balance and gross/fine motor skills. Approximately 8-10 children on the autism spectrum disorder will participate in a 10 week vaulting session. Four sessions – fall, winter, spring and summer – will run a calendar year. in addition, the program will be shared as a model at professional conferences, so that other equine assisted therapy centers may replicate the program.

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