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The Learning Academy Fit for Life

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United States

Many children with ASD have difficulty exercising and are therefore overweight and at risk for serious medical conditions such as Type II diabetes. in response to this, TERI will run the Fit for Life fitness programs for children with ASD that will be individually targeted to the breadth of ability each student is capable of achieving. Two specific groups of individuals will participate in the program: (1) 65 children with moderate to severe autism and (2) 35 children with mild to moderate autism. All students will come from TERI's non-public school programs. the Fit for Life program will be run by a Corporate Fitness Director as well as a Recreational Director and will take place at a 5,000 square foot fitness facility. Physical activities such as Climbing Mount Everest Challenge and Walk Across America in addition to obstacle courses on the Fitness Walking Trial will be utilized to engage the students. the goal of the program will be that 100 students will exhibit incremental gains in gait stability, endurance, and weight/body fat loss, while developing life-long exercise skills.

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