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Keeping it Real: Collaborating with Self-Advocates to Develop Strength Based Modules for Public Schools

New York
United States

“Keeping it Real” seeks to partner with successful self-advocates with ASD to develop self-advocacy and strength-based modules for students with ASD, beginning in the younger grades. The focus of this intervention will be self-determination and self-advocacy skill building.  The “Keeping it Real” project will partner with self-advocates to serve as positive role models for middle and high school students helping them to understand strengths and limitations together, in a safe environment that supports self-determination. To that end, the self-advocates will work with the development team at NYU to produce strength based modules for use in the public schools that foster the critical skill of self-advocacy for adolescents with ASD. These educational modules will be geared toward students transitioning into middle school and in the middle through high school grades – two critical, yet under-resourced periods of students’ development.