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Interactive Social Education Experiences

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United States

Millard Public Schools will conduct a recreation/community activities project to teach social communication skills to high school students with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and/or High Functioning Autism (HFA). the demonstration project is designed around peer modeling with frequent peer interaction and generalization in the community. Primary beneficiaries will be freshmen and sophomores with AS/HFA who manifest serious deficits in the social communication skills needed to develop effective interpersonal relationships. They will be placed in Friendship Groups consisting of two students with AS/HFA, a typically developing peer who has completed prior ASD awareness training, and one teacher. Friendship Groups will attend weekly social communication skills workshops taught by the teachers in the group, using curriculum tailored for each student. Homework will require personal communication between the students with AS/HFA and the typical peer in each Friendship Group. All Friendship Groups, along with the parents of students with AS/HFA, will attend monthly social outings in the community to generalize their newly learned skills.