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Increasing Public School Administrators' Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders

State/Province Full: 
New Jersey
United States

There are limitations in the public school system. Administrators are often under-informed regarding the supports that would benefit their teaching staff, paraprofessionals, related service providers, child study team, parents, and ultimately, students with ASDS. Many administrators are making budgetary, curricular, staffing, and scheduling decisions that have a direct negative impact on these students. As a result, teachers and staff often lack necessary training and resources, parents utilize due process, and students do not make as much progress as they could in a stronger educational program. the educational system has made significant progress toward meeting the learning needs of students with autism, but there is still work to be done. This project will give students with autism the benefit of a more comprehensive, top-down approach regarding the delivery, coordination, and accountability of the services in which they participate. Direct beneficiaries will be the administrators who gain a better understanding of the needs of their students with ASDS. the benefits will transfer to their teaching staff who may feel more supported, as well as the district parents who may perceive that their administrators are more invested in and knowledgeable about their children's education. the ultimate beneficiaries will be the students who receive a better education.

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