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Increasing the Capacity to Provide Supported Employment for Individuals with ASD in Rural Missouri

St. Louis
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United States

There are currently no providers in rural Southeast Missouri who have the expertise and understanding of autism to provide autism-specific employment support, and there is a waitlist of underserved adults. to address this need, the Judevine Center for Autism of Southeast Missouri will collaborate with a local supported employment provider, Alternative Opportunities, Inc. (AO), to provide supported employment services that specifically address and meet the needs of those with ASD. the result will be to provide services to wait-listed and underserved individuals with autism spectrum disorders in rural Southeast Missouri while increasing the capacity of a traditional supported employment provider and local employers to provide effective, autism-specific supports that enable these individuals to secure and maintain gainful employment. the Center will hire a Supported Employment Specialist to spearhead this project, working to identify individuals with autism who will benefit from service, training AO staff and employers on autism and autism-specific employment issues, and assisting people with ASD through the four phases of gainful employment: job assessment, job development, job coaching, and job follow-along.