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Healthy Relationships & Sexuality

United States

McRory Behavioral & Family Support Services, Inc. is committed to ensuring the highest quality of services as needed to promote the success, independence and optimal potential of each individual. Our Healthy Relationships & Sexuality Program is focused on providing positive self-esteem, through the development of a healthy self-image as needed to ameliorate any possible feelings of loneliness or depression.   Our program is divided into two parts: (1) The Physiological & Emotional Aspects of Being Male and/or Female, which includes topics of parts of the body, the sexual life cycle, human reproduction, birth control and sexual/reproductive health, and (2) The Moral, Social & Legal Aspects of Sexuality, which covers building self-esteem/establishing relationships, male social-sexual behavior, female social-sexual behavior, dating, marriage, parenting, and preventing/coping with sexual abuse. Our program runs for a total of 30 hours, which includes a combination of group-based and individualized instruction. Group based instruction will be utilized to teach concepts outlined above and will include a combination of presentations, video observations, group discussion, and role-play activities. Our individual sessions will be tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of the individuals participating. Each participant will be asked to complete a pre and post self-evaluation questionnaire prior to each training module, and subsequently at the end of each training module as a means to assess the participant’s knowledge gleamed from instruction. In cases where a learner is seemingly struggling with the material, review and further teaching will occur during individual sessions. Caregivers are encouraged to be active participants.