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Family Focused Intervention, Training and Support

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United States

Melmark seeks funding to create a larger network of services that may educate and train families and service providers to avoid crisis situations that may result in removing children from their home community. with funding, Melmark's established Family Training Series will be able to accommodate more families at alternative times in order to ameliorate stress in many households. This training will compliment school instruction and all participants will complete program evaluation forms at the end of each session. the initiative will allow for a parent training model that embraces family-focused intervention. the step-by-step workbook, Helping Your Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, will be used as a springboard to facilitate the group training program. There will be ten bi-monthly sessions lasting two hours each. the goals of the program include parental stress reduction, decreased feelings of isolation, increased feelings of parental competence, access to supports, increased communication among family members, inclusion of family members with autism, and increased independence of children with autism.

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