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The Family and Community Resource Room - a support for parents and the community in which they live.

Arlington Heights
United States


Clearbrook opened the Family and Community Resource Room (FCARR) in May, 2009 as part of the organization’s autism initiatives to provide free information, current resources, referrals, and support to families whose lives have been impacted by autism/ASDs and to professionals and members of the community who serve individuals facing these challenges. Since its opening, patrons have included parents, extended family members, community service providers, educators, and Clearbrook’s expanding QIDP/case management staff. As well, outreach services have been provided to diverse audiences in multiple communities. In conjunction with the opening of Clearbrook’s CAP Northshore and LIFE Northshore, the FCARR Northshore will be a part of the organization’s expansion east in response to the need/provision of services and supports.

FCARR Northshore will be available M-F, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to provide a wealth of consumable materials (i.e., “tip sheets”, social stories, pre-made visual communication boards) to connect community support groups,professional autism organizations, groups and list serves, community resources, physician and therapist referrals, diagnosis and treatment options, ongoing education and support groups, local outreach supports, and caregiver support and resources; establish procedures for the activities of the FCARR Northshore; cross-train identified Northshore staff; continue outreach in Northshore communities; and, produce the grant deliverable of a DVD “The Basics of Developing an Autism Resource Room” that can be viewed as part of the Resources on the Autism Speaks website.