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Expanding Professional Training Through Distance Learning

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United States

As the scope and frequency of community-based supports has grown, the need for effective training in an accessible format has grown with it. the Kelly O'Leary Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital has addressed these issues through the development of outreach training programs which use the expertise of their specialized clinical staff and their intensive experience with people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, this training is limited to the geographic area defined by the ability to drive to the training site. Advances in technology now present one solution to that problem. Two-way video technology allows real time participation for those who can gather at a remote location. This project will allow those people to gain the knowledge and skills presented through this training and will also overcome the distance barrier. At the same time, all participants will be able apply concepts learned to their daily working experience and to develop peer networks during training. Ultimately, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders will benefit from staff that have increased knowledge and skills, which have a clearer understanding of the needs of the people they support, and who have peer relationships and technical assistance resources that they can draw upon.

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