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Educational Consulting

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United States

Students with autism require support to succeed in public school systems, and schools need support to work effectively with students with autism. This project addresses those needs through an Educational Consulting pilot program in 4-6 Arizona schools, with the ultimate goal of incorporating the program into all Arizona school districts. Operated by the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC) located in Phoenix, Arizona, the project will provide training and consultation to the individual student, as well as to teachers, parents, classmates, the school and the school district as a whole. Services will be based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, Positive Behavior Support and inclusion, and will address students' social, academic and behavioral needs. Students will be supported in inclusive programs and/or as they transition to such programs. Teachers, schools and districts will be trained to independently support students in inclusive programs, as well as to develop their own training and consultation programs. Peers will be addressed through disability awareness training assemblies in the schools. the pilot project will also be used to demonstrate best practices in the schools as part of a statewide school system reform effort.