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Educating and Training Providers on Effective Practices

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United States

As the number of children diagnosed with ASD increases so does the need for trained providers. the applicant will address the problem by providing education and training on effective practices in teaching and supporting children with autism. the proposal is to replicate an existing program that has been in operation for the last year with successful outcomes in geographical areas the current program can not reach. Participants of the program will be service providers to children with autism. Each participant will receive 10 hours of workshops with topics such as teaching new behaviors, reducing maladaptive behaviors and improving performance in learning situations. After attending the workshop, participants will receive hands-on training by a consultant that will help them apply what they learned in the workshop. Two major goals of the program are to 1) teach participants effective strategies they can use in their services provision that will improve the outcomes and successes of the individuals they work with and 2) to teach participants how to effectively train others on what they have learned in the program.

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