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Disseminating CBT for Children with ASD Into the School Setting

Los Angeles
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United States

This project will involve teaching community practitioners working at a Los Angeles area school specializing in the education of children with autism (the HELP Group's Village Glen School which serves 600 – 700 children ASD) to implement a cognitive behavioral therapy treatment designed for children with autism (Wood, Drahota, & Sze, 2007.) the BIACA project at UCLA was developed with funding from a Cure Autism Now research grant and is proving to be an efficacious treatment targeting anxiety, social adjustment, and adaptive functioning skills in children with autism spectrum disorders (Wood et al., under review). the proposed project will take an initial step in disseminating this state-of-the-art treatment into the community. On-site school practitioners (e.g., behaviorists, teachers, speech pathologists) at the Village Glen School will be trained to conduct weekly cognitive behavioral therapy intervention sessions with children aged 7 to 11 years old who have autism spectrum disorder and co-morbid anxiety disorders. Dissemination efforts will emphasize education of the community providers on the use of a treatment manual, including weekly clinical supervision (ongoing training and consultation) to ensure fidelity and quality of implementation.