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The Development of Webinars to Train Core Competencies for Parents and Paraprofessionals

State/Province Full: 
New York
United States

As autism diagnoses increase, the number of trained personnel to effectively work with these individuals has not kept pace. the aim of this grant is to create 90 hours of instruction on specific techniques and skills shown to be successful when remediating skills in this population, and to convert this training to on-demand, asynchronous webinars to be hosted on the web. the target audience will be parents and paraprofessionals who are typically assigned to work with students with ASD in public schools. the webinars will be available continuously through the Sage Colleges website. the development of these training modules will focus on techniques shown to be effective and are expected to facilitate the development of more competent staff who will then teach more effectively, resulting in improved independence of persons with ASD.