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A Comprehensive Orientation, Integration, and Socialization Program for College Students with ASD

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United States

This grant will fund the pilot phase of a cost-effective college orientation, integration and socialization program at U.C. Davis. the program has four components: 1) Student orientation workshops that include discussions with current students with ASD, explorations of unwritten classroom and social rules, custom designed campus tours, and presentations and materials (flash drives, notebooks, visuals) that explain pertinent vocabulary, information and strategies. 2) Parent/family member meetings that include discussions with professionals regarding anticipated challenges and campus support systems as well as modules that help the family and student work together to structure communication, support and self-advocacy. 3) Orientation information and presentations for university staff and faculty including career services personnel, residential and cafeteria staff, student center staff, and tutoring services staff. 4) An on-going social skills training and support group with professional facilitation and current student mentors.