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Cleveland Clinic Social Skills Program for High Functioning Children with ASD

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United States

The Cleveland Clinic will use evidenced based social skills training, an inclusive summer camp for generalization, and parent therapeutic support to provide social skills programming for high functioning children with autism. Specifically, the grant will go towards expanding services during an already existing inclusive summer camp. in the summer months, typical summer camps will be utilized to foster generalization of skills from a clinic setting to a more natural setting. Here, children with ASD will be accompanied by a behavior therapist or coach for help in generalizing skills learned through structured social skills training into the inclusive camp setting. the coach will attend with the children to help facilitate social interaction and generalization of skills, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst will observe the child's social behaviors in their school setting during lunch and recess prior to the start of the group. in addition, parents will be trained in utilized techniques that will result in consistent supports across several different environments.