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A Chance to Ride: Curriculum to introduce independent travel on public buses and trains to young adults with autism spectrum disorders

United States

While general travel training curriculums exist, (one of the first being written by The Kennedy Center in 1992), there has yet to be a travel training curriculum specific to individuals with autism. A great need exists for specialized public transportation training for individuals with autism. To better address this need, The Kennedy Center proposes to develop a curriculum to introduce young adults with ASD to local bus and rail systems. This curriculum will be developed in partnership with students with ASD, their teachers and parents. As we have ongoing relationships with special education classrooms around the state (some specifically for students with ASD), we will partner with 3 of these programs to develop and field test the new assessment tool/curriculum. Our professional travel trainers will work with students and teachers both in classroom and field settings to pilot this curriculum. Additionally, The Kennedy Center’s Autism Project Manager will review and provide input into the curriculum and meet with families both prior to and after the project.