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Camp Rising Sun

State/Province Full: 
New Mexico
United States

Camp Rising Sun's primary goal is to provide additional opportunities for children with ASD to learn and practice social and communication skills in an inclusive camping environment. Campers will emerge more confident socially, parents will receive much-needed respite, and university students will receive valuable hands on training. Prior to Camp Rising Sun's 2006 inaugural year, the nearest camp for New Mexico's children with ASD was 818 miles away in San Antonio, Texas. in addition to providing children with ASD a positive camping experience, the camp will give them the opportunity to do so along side their typically developing peers. for older campers with autism there is a CIT (counselors in training) program, which is an inclusion model. Camp Rising Sun is partnering with Dennis Chavez Elementary School to train and educate peer models regarding autism, inclusion, and how to appreciate campers for who they are and the talents they possess. Utilizing Camp Rising Sun as an opportunity for advanced field work provides University of New Mexico students working in the fields of occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and psychological services as well as the Autism Programs at the Center for Development and Disability with comprehensive hands on experience working with children with autism.

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