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Building Supports for College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

State/Province Full: 
New York
United States

Onondaga is planning the design of a hybrid program incorporating more individual choices in course selection and career exploration for students with autism. Student and parent responses indicate the need for college instructors to have a better understanding of student issues and how to effectively communicate with students with autism; employers, schools and service agencies indicate a need to better transition this population from high school to college to work. By offering the proposed workshop series and enhancing curriculum design to be more inclusive, faculty will experience more success and have the opportunity to reflect on methods and strategies within a positive and supportive environment while improving the transition to and from the post-secondary environment for students. Once the workshop series has been conducted and curriculum enhancements supporting the principles of universal design (an approach to the design of all products and environments to be as usable as possible by all persons regardless of age, ability, or situation from Universal Design Education Online Project) have been put into place, this project will benefit students on the autism spectrum as well as the overall campus community for years to come.

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