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Build on Special Strengths College Support Program (BOSS)

New York
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New York
United States

The purpose of the proposed project is to help close the gap between the level of college support currently available to students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and the growing number of students with ASD that wish to attend college. in essence, the project will enhance opportunities for student success in college by educating professors so that they understand the unique learning challenges associated with ASD, and are able to employ classroom strategies to enable all students to succeed. Requested funds will be used to develop an instructor's support manual, training video, and workshop curriculum that provide guidance for faculty who have students with ASD in their classes. the primary target will be faculty at Pace University. in addition, the training materials will be portable for use at other colleges and universities. the outcome of the proposed faculty training project will be a greater number of academically successful college students with ASD, due to the improved knowledge base of participating faculty. the workshop curriculum will describe and explain learning, behavior and communication challenges confronted by high functioning students with autism spectrum disorders. Accommodations to enhance academic success will be delineated, described and cross-referenced with specific behaviors.

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