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Behavioral Trainings for Families and Educators in Southeastern Mississippi

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United States

The state of Mississippi currently has limited behavioral services (e.g., applied behavior analysis) which are offered to families and educators. Through the support of this grant, families and educators in this area will receive much needed behavioral support and training that are both conveniently located and affordable. the project will focus on two main goals. First, the project will provide direct, weekly behavioral training and support from a trained behavior specialist for approximately 10 hours per week for a 39-week period to families and speech-language staff of a non-profit, early intervention center for communication and developmental disabilities. the trainings will focus on empirically validated interventions and strategies for working with children diagnosed on the spectrum. the second portion of the project will focus on providing quarterly educator workshops to local school districts over a 12-month period to increase the skills and knowledge of behavioral interventions and support for working with children with ASD. Training topics will be chosen with input from local parents and school personnel, but will likely include topics such as communication methods, behavior management skills, reinforcement, discrete trial training, social skills training, and self-care skills.

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