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Beginning with the End in Mind

United States

Our Work Center is located in the Junior High/High School complex. In this area, students work on vocational, life, and independent living skills. We have worked and are continuing to work on creating a supported employment center to help make the transition to competitive employment. Our goal is for our students to live an independent life and obtain the skills they need to be successful. To achieve these goals, we need to provide as many opportunities for skill building in as many areas as possible. We want our students to feel comfortable with many different jobs to make them marketable when they begin looking for work. As students move through our program, it is our goal to empower them with skills to build a spirit of entrepreneurship and independence. In essence, we are teaching them to be able to run their own business, working on skills related to the workplace and community as well as learning a trade that they are interested in and enjoy. Currently, our district does not send any of the sports uniforms out to be laundered. The high school students in the Autism/ABA Program are washing, drying, and folding all of the uniforms. They also wash the dust mop heads used by all the custodians in the district. This has been a great confidence booster for our students, giving them purpose and increasing confidence. We have been working to build a continuum of services to help students build skills for life starting at a young age until the time they turn 22 years old.