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Autism Teacher Training Program

Redwood City
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United States

Wings Learning Center (WLC) has developed a classroom-based teacher training model that allows teachers-in-training to obtain practical skills and hands-on experience in a classroom with a focus on serving students with ASD. the structure of the program allows for various levels of support, training and a practical experience in classrooms serving children with moderate to severe level of autism, ages 6 to 18. Partnering with local Universities, the project will recruit, prepare and graduate 15 Special Education Teachers over a 5 year period. the Autism Teacher Training Program is designed to provide the teacher with practical experience and strategies in an autism specific classroom. the areas covered during the training program are the following: leadership and supervision, child-centered curriculum development, development of Individual Education Plan goals and objectives, data collection and presentation, parent communication and problem resolution. Teachers in training receive preparation in research based knowledge and evidence-based practices for working effectively with students on the autism spectrum.