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Autism Resources for Latino Community Outreach

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United States

The Latino community is underserved with respect to developmental disabilities including autism, and generally does not have access to web-based resources. Accordingly, there is a need for printed materials about autism in Spanish. the applicant will respond to this need by translating into Spanish three of its highly regarded autism resource guides: An Educator's Guide to Autism, An Educator's Guide to Asperger Syndrome and a Guide for Transition to Adulthood. the applicant will then print 2,000 copies each of these and a fourth guide, a Parent's Guide to Research (already translated). Together, the four guides will aim to provide proven, reliable, evidence-based, culturally adapted information about autism in Spanish. the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) will work with Fusíon Multicultural, a Latino-owned marketing and advertising agency located in Arlington, Virginia, on the distribution plan for the materials. OAR has a successful history with Fusíon Multicultural, as they collaborated on OAR's successful "Learn the Signs, Act Early" Latino Outreach Program.