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Autism Professional Development for Educators

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United States

In Spokane County and the larger region of eastern Washington there are no regularly occurring autism-related training opportunities for the many educators and therapists who work with children with autism. in response, the Northwest Autism Center (NAC) will provide an expanded intensive training course of education and training for teachers and therapists combined with on-site and distance consultative services to follow-up on the implementation of the lessons learned. Twenty-five to thirty educators and supportive service providers will receive training on methodologies for serving children ages 3-6 with autism in the first year. Education curriculum will include, but not be limited to, basic ASD training, awareness of the practice of deliberate inclusion, improved provider competency, needs of families, legal issues, and other aspects of caring for an individual with ASD. Program participants will receive one year of follow-up and consultation to ensure they are able to successfully implement in their own classrooms the approaches learned during the training.