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Autism Empowerment's Autism and Scouting Leadership Training Program

United States

The Autism and Scouting Leadership Training Program seeks to train leaders in a variety of scouting venues techniques and skills to effectively work with children and teens with autism and their families. The goal is to teach the leader to customize a scouting program that includes the scout with autism and his/her parents. It also provides acceptance and inclusion training for leaders to give to their units in general, which will supplement and complement the organization's disabilities awareness programs. The four foundational pillars of Autism Empowerment are Accept, Enrich, Inspire and Empower and those key pillars are included within our training. Having positive, helpful, educated, inspired and empowered leaders will promote retention, increase scout confidence, promote family involvement and will assist with advancement and success within the scouting program. It will help to recruit new scouts with autism and will provide a positive ongoing experience where scouts with autism can gain and achieve new life skills and development positive interpersonal relationships.