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The Autism Advocacy Project: Parental Empowerment for Navigating the Educational System

State/Province Full: 
New York
United States

The specific aim of the “Train the Trainer” Toolkit Project is to apply a year-long systems-based approach to design, implement and evaluate an action-oriented toolkit comprised of three educational modules and a DVD tutorial to educate parents, health care providers, social workers and law students (the trainers). the toolkit will equip the trainers with the specific knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively navigate the complex special education school system; more importantly, they will be empowered to train others so that they too can acquire the same advocacy skills. the toolkit will use a literacy-sensitive language and methodology that is applicable to all audiences. a total of 200 toolkits will be created and distributed to attending physicians, physicians-in-training, social workers, law students and parents of children with ASD by the end of the Project. with a primary focus on the essentials of navigating the educational system, the literacy-, culturally- and linguistically-appropriate curriculum will consist of three detailed, skill-based, decision-focused modules, including: 1) How to get an educational evaluation; 2) What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP); 3) What are my child's educational rights?