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Advancing Teaching of Music & Dance to Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

New Haven
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United States

This proposal seeks to grow and institutionalize the school's capacity to provide high-quality music and dance instruction to special needs students. the entire NMS community – including faculty, students, and student families – needs to acquire at least a cursory understanding of ASD, know that the school has a project team with expertise in teaching music and dance to individuals with ASD, and feel comfortable approaching members of that group for help and guidance. This project will thus engage NMS faculty in a nine-month program of intensive hands-on training guided by experts from, and/or approved by, the Yale Child Study Center. Specifically, there will be a focus on hands-on pedagogical sessions with ASD students, including videotapes of actual teaching sessions, one-way mirror observations of actual lessons, oral presentations of case histories, role-playing exercises, and presentations by related organizations in our community. the project will also grow, organize, and centralize the internal library of materials, including the use of online resources such as Google Documents; actively pursue relationships with other organizations, the objective being either to receive a guest presenter or visit an organization's site once a month; and hold informational sessions as well as publish two informational booklets – one for faculty, the other for the community – promoting the school's growing expertise in teaching music/dance to students with ASD.

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