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Adults with Autism: What Services and Programs are Available at Twenty-Two?

What options do individuals with autism and their families have after they turn twenty-two? As the population of adults with autism increases, many will require comprehensive services, and supervision.

What do we know about today's services? Information was gathered by reviewing state websites, and speaking with agencies and service providers. Each state independently defines its obligations for services and its rights for adults with autism. Depending on where you live, we encourage you to contact your state agency for more specific information about services. You can visit our Resource Guide for state information, and other services including housing, employment training, day services, recreational activities and more.


Glossary of Adult Services Terms

An In-Depth Look : California's Role in Serving Adults with Autism

Adult Programs Funded by Autism Speaks Community Grants

Adults with Autism in the News!

The Interactive Autism Network Open Its Doors to Adults with Autism
The Interactive Autism Network (IAN) Project is now enrolling adults with autism in hopes of using the same proven research model to address the many unanswered questions about this underserved population. Adults with autism can now have their voices heard through the IAN Project in order to help researchers gain a clearer picture of how they are living today. Adult participation meets a significant unmet need - while the number of adults living with autism grows every day, little is known about them.

Introduction of the Landmark Autism Treatment Acceleration Act
To help address the unique needs of adults with ASDs, this bill would create a demonstration project with one-year planning grants and multi-year implementation grants for the provision of services for adults with autism.

Still Overlooking Autistic Adults
Essay by Linda Davis via The number of autistic children expected to need extensive adult services by 2023 - more than 380,000 people - is roughly equal to the population of Minneapolis.

California Specialty Clinic to Treat Adults with Autism
Sutter Transition for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Clinic (STAND) is the first California hospital to treat adults with autism.

Visit our Resource Guide to search through over 3000 resources specifically for adults on the spectrum across the country. We welcome new submissions to continually build the Resource Guide. If you know of additional resources available for adults with autism, you can submit them here.

We would like to hear from you! Share your experience with adult services or resources with us at Photos are welcome!

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