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Creating Safety Plans for Individuals with Autism

When it comes to identifying safety risks and preventing emergencies for an individual with autism, you and your family are the best advocates, and most likely the people responsible for taking the necessary steps to develop a safety plan.

A safety plan should include key participants - school personnel, daycare providers, neighbors, caretakers, and extended family; anyone involved in your network that has daily contact with the individual at risk.

It is critical to take the time to evaluate what your family member needs to be safe and protected at home, school and in his or her community. Preventative measures are critical in order to help ensure the wellbeing of individuals with autism.

Be Prepared with Emergency Information at your Fingertips!

Family Wandering Emergency Plan
Autism Elopement Alert Form
Other Safety Tools You Can Use

Top Safety Risk for Individuals with Autism:

  • Wandering
  • Pica
  • Drowning
  • Household toxins

Safety Plan Checklist:

  • Does the individual with autism tend to wander, run away or get lost in a crowd?
  • Have your home, school and community activities been evaluated for safety? Have preventative measures been put into place in each of these areas?
  • Does the individual ALWAYS wear identification with a contact number listed?
  • Have you let your neighbors/community know about your child with autism?
  • Are safety skills included in the Individual Education Program in your school district?
  • Have you contacted your local 911 call centers?


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Disability Preparedness Resource Center
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Products for Identification

Medical ID Store
My Precious Child ID Bracelet
Temporary Tattoos with a Purpose
Lean on Us Child Safety ID Card
Autism ID Card

Personal Locating Devices

Project Lifesaver Tracking Systems
Care Trak Transmitters
Safeguard Connect
Amber Alert GPS™
Safety Net by LoJack
EyezOn for the Autism Community