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Three New Employment Tools for the Autism Community

As addendums to the Autism Speaks Employment Tool Kit, we have created three new tools to help adults with autism as they search for competitive employment in today's job market. The rate of unemployment and underemployment among young adults and adults with autism is far too high and Autism Speaks is committed to doing all we can to help change that.

An Employer's Guide to Hiring and Retaining Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorders

The employer’s perspective on hiring and training adults on the spectrum is another step in our employment initiative.  Written from the view of an employer that has hired numerous adults with ASD, steps are outlined for employers to use.

A Parent's Guide to Employment for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

A parent’s perspective on how to help one’s son or daughter gain competitive employment is included.  This booklet will provide guidance to family members in assisting their loved ones who are on the autism spectrum to find and maintain employment, while empowering the adult with autism.

Autism in Big Business Report

An expanding roster of large companies across the country that have made a concerted effort to publish their inclusion and diversity policies, which include people with developmental disabilities.  An explanation of how this fits into the overall employment picture for adults with autism precedes the company information.

Autism Speaks thanks QBE for their generous support of the organization's employment initiatives.