AUsome Autistic Conference Online

November 15, 2020 at 9:00 am - November 15, 2020 at 5:00 pm
Online Event

This year’s conference provides an invaluable learning opportunity for anyone who wants to up-
skill or improve their knowledge around autism. With research and understanding advancing
quickly what we thought we knew 5 years ago is becoming quickly outdated.

AUsome Conference promises to be an insightful, thought provoking day with Irish and
International Autistic speakers sharing their expertise and knowledge. AUsome Conference is
committed to inspiring change.

Frank L Ludwig is a childcare worker, writer and poet who will present on “The Necessity of
Autism”, which is something people don’t often discuss. Usually autism is seen as a problem rather
than a necessity and AUsome Conference really wants to open minds and change perspectives.

Unfortunately because autism is seen as a problem rather than an essential part of human
diversity, this leads many parents to searching for cures. Emma Dalmayne is a UK author, mum
and human rights activist who will share some harrowing stories of the abuse Autistic children are
subjected to in the hope of “curing” something which doesn’t need to be cured but understood

Chris Bonnello is an Autistic UK author and special ed teacher who will have lots of advise for
parents, carers, SNA’s and teachers. Chris is joined by Irish psychotherapist Eoin Stephens who
will share his perspective as both a professional and as a late-diagnosed Autistic man.

Irish mum,Melissa Murphy who was an avid reader from an early age will provide people with a lengthy list of
resources and books by Autistic authors. We will also be joined by Chen Gershuni from Israel and
Stiof MacAmhalghaigh who will discuss Neurodiversity alongside Kieran Rose from UK who is a
teacher, activist and researcher. Kieran will present on “Autistic Identity” and discuss how to live as
an authentic Autistic child and adult.

We often forget to ask children for their perspective so Darragh Treacy from East Cork will be
sharing his thoughts with us on the day. Darragh says “we should be confident in being Autistic
because it’s a good thing”. He thinks that “Autistic kids and adults have good personalities,
imaginations and think uniquely and differently”.

Ireland is beginning to look at Autistic people as a neurological minority, as a culture of its own
and AUsome Conference is an important step forward in this. It promises to offer fresh new ideas,
dispel many of the myths and to provide delegates with practical strategies and understanding
rather than theoretical ideas. If you are a parent, carer, educator, mental health professional,
therapist, politician, employer, doctor, social worker, an Autistic teen or adult or someone who is
exploring the idea of being Autistic yourself then this event has huge value for you.

Be part of this positive change and join AUsome Training for their conference online Sunday
November 15th 9am to 5pm. If you can’t make the live conference then AUsome Training also offer
an option to sign up for a recording. For more info visit

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