Ensuring Access to Reliable Information & Services throughout the Life Span

How we help Services and Supports

We work to ensure reliable, trusted information for every life stage and level of need. Last year, the Autism Response Team (ART) provided direct assistance to more than 75,000 people by offering personalized guidance and referrals to people with autism and their families. In total, over 1.5 million people accessed our free resources and information in FY22, including our online database, provider directory and critical Tool Kits. Historically, Autism Speaks has assisted nearly 26 million people with vital support.

Here are a few of our FY21 accomplishments:

  • Launched My Autism Guide, an online, personalized portal that enables users to access relevant information and resources by age and support level and includes local service providers, online and in-person community events, as well as the latest news and information related to autism.
  • Translated Autism Speaks resources and videos in six widely used languages to reach a broader audience of non-English speaking autistic people around the world.  Languages include Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian and Chinese.
  • Led a COVID-19 Community Task Force that quickly assembled on-line, evidence-based coronavirus resources from across the globe to support the autism community. The resource page was visited over 275,000 times.
ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder
Annie K. | 19 years old
Early intervention is vital to optimal outcomes and progress for individuals with autism. Annie is living proof of this, as she has defied her predicted path at diagnosis of never being able to speak, read or write.
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In my own words: Meet Terance, aka “TeeKayy”
TeeKayy | 22 years old
The most beautiful thing you can do is love the image of your true reflection.
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Autism Speaks Spectrum Spotlight: Tyler H
Meet Tyler H. | 19 years old
Autism makes me unique because I have an amazing memory of people’s names and details of past events that I’ve attended. People are often surprised at how well I remember names and dates of both past events and upcoming plans.
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