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If your child has an autism diagnosis, the next step is to find appropriate treatments.

Every child with autism is different, so there is no one therapy or treatment that will work for everyone. What works well for one child may not be the best approach. 

Image courtesy UNC Medical Center

Image Courtesy UNC Medical Center

What is Autism?: Treatment Information
Each child with autism is unique and so each autism intervention plan should be tailored to address specific needs. Intervention can involve behavioral treatments, medicines or both. The Treatment page of the What is Autism? section of the Autism Speaks website has detailed information about a variety of therapies and treatments for symptoms of autism and its associated conditions.

Autism Video Glossary: Treatment Section
The treatments presented in the Autism Video Glossary include some of the more commonly used interventions for children on the autism spectrum: behavioral interventions, developmental interventions, structured teaching and supports, clinical therapies, and toddler treatment models. This section contains more than 100 video clips from actual therapy sessions illustrating 22 treatments that may be used to help children with autism build skills, connect with peers and family members, and reduce challenging behaviors. 

Autism Speaks Resource Guide
The Autism Speaks Resource Guide contains over 50,000 resources from around the country. You can use the Resource Guide to find various treatments and therapies in your area. Simply click on your state and review the available options under the headings: Early Intervention Services, Interventions, and Related Services.  You can also use the Resource Guide to contact state-specific Early Intervention, Pre-School Age, and School-Age offices.

Autism Response Team
The Autism Response Team can also help discuss your options and point you in the right direction. You can reach the Autism Response Team by email at, or by calling (888) 288-4762, en Español (800) 772-9050.

Autism Speaks 100 Day Kit and Asperger Syndrome-High Functioning Autism Tool Kit
Both of these tool kits for newly diagnosed families discuss possible and available treatments for children with autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guide to Evidence-Based Interventions
Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative

This guide describes evidence-based interventions for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) based on six recent nationally recognized systematic research reviews. It provides information and tools to support individuals with ASDs and their families and to assist healthcare professionals, educators, and other community-based service providers in making informed decisions about selection, implementation, and monitoring of ASD interventions.

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