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18 'Why I Walk' Stories For Our Community 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 View Comments

We have been blown away by the amount of "Why I Walk" stories that you all have been sending into us! As we get deeper into our walks for the Fall we'd like to share with you some of these amazing stories. Who do you walk for? Tell us your story at You can register for a walk at



I walk for my nephew Jesus Ramirez 43 months old,who at 18 months was diagnosed autistic and we've seen him finally learn to smile, hug and wave goodbye. He's the greatest blessing our family could have and we can't wait to see him accomplish many more milestones in his life journey. 



I walk for Autism Speaks for my amazing, beautiful treasure Alexander!  He puts a smile on everyone he meets. 



I walk for my beautiful son Chase, who was diagnosed with Autism just before his 2 birthday. He is the most loving, caring child and we are so lucky and proud to have him. 



I walk for my daughter Brenna who has Asperger's. She was diagnosed late because we didn't have the information to put the pieces of HER puzzle together. But she is now a junior in high school and thriving! 



I walk for my 7 year old Cayson! He is my pride and joy and nothing I wouldn't do for him. Cayson has faced so many challenges in his life not only Autism but many medical issues and he still manages to do it all with a smile on his face! He is a fighter and I will always fight for him and be his biggest advocate! I love doing the walk not only for him but for all the others who have Autism! 



I walk for Aidan because he is my hero, I have learned more from him than he will ever learn from me. He is the bravest person that I know! 



I walk for my son Peter who was diagnosed on the spectrum just over a year ago. When I think of the intense therapy he has gone through in that time, it amazes me, he shows that at only 3 years old, he is already a better man than I could have ever hoped to be. 



I walk for my son, Ethan. He was diagnosed with ASD at age 2 and will be 5 this October :) He has come so far and accomplished so much these past few years.  I am so proud to be his Mom.  This is a tradition for our family and friends now! 



I walk for my son, Dominic.  Diagnosed 2 months after turning 2.  I will fight the good fight for him, even after he learns to do it all on his own.  I will hold his hand and walk beside him through everything the life of autism throws at him.  We call him our ninja because how fast and sneaky he is.  But we are HIS ninjas, working fast and without him even knowing it to raise awareness about autism, and to show people that it isn't a "one size fits all" disorder.  People with autism have SO much to offer, it's just a matter of finding how to let others see. 



My family walks for my son Nikki.  To raise awareness, to support the cause, and to make a difference.  Together we walk through this journey and we let people know that you are not alone.  My son made a difference in our world and we plan to make a difference in his. 



I will be walking with for my Son, Daniel Luke on October 27th in Staten Island, New York for autism speaks. My Son Daniel was diagnosed last October with pdd-nos and he is receiving intense ABA -speech and OT therapies. He is the light of my life and a complete blessing to me, his Dad and 2 Brothers. He is my last of 3 children ---- all boys! Daniel has completed our Family. 


My family and I walk for me because everyday I get up and go to work is a day I prove to the world exactly what individuals with Autism are capable of when you never give up hope!


We walk for the smartest little brother ever, Renato! He was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, and nine years later he's not letting it bring him down! We are so proud of all he's accomplished, and you are doing Amazing in middle school! 

Melissa A

I Walk for my Son Tyler he is 6 years old and non-verbal and was diagnosed Jan 23, 2009. His smile melts my heart <3 


We walk for our 3 year old son Jacob who was diagnosed with autism at 15 months. We walk not only to support research for a cure, but also to help spread awareness of the importance of early intervention. Because of early intervention we finally heard Jacob say his first word at 3 1/2. 



I walk for my baby boy Abner. He is my little ray of sunshine. We have a long road ahead of us but I know we will get through it! November 2nd is our first walk & am so excited to be walking for him & being his voice along with our family. 


I walk for my son Collin!!!!!!  He is the most amazing thing that has EVER happened to me!  We take our journey day by day and some days are better than others.  He and I walk together and I hold him up no matter what.  Collin loves, "Legos Heros" and Star Wars.  He loves music and dancing, playing video games, robots and his Grandpa.  

Alison R

We walk for Juliet, our sweet baby J who was diagnosed with ASD last month at the age of 18 months


Who do you walk for? Tell us your story at You can register for a walk at




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