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My Autism Walk 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 View Comments

There came a day when I decided to walk,
I thought it would help my brother talk.

I heard my mom speaking and so I listened,
Would it be the cure, is it what's missin'.

It finally arrived, we gathered at the beach,
Is this the answer or is it far out of reach.

We walk all together, blue puzzle pieces everywhere,
In unity as one, even with Senator Chuck Schumer there

This journey we take is quite a long road,
I know this will help ease up the load.

With pride I walk to help out the cause,
I stare, I stop and look with a pause.

This community service is near to my heart,
I hope everyone comes and all do their part.


Louis Rubino wrote this poem for his 7th grade social studies class. It is about the Long Island Walk Now for Autism Speaks and his older brother Michael.


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