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Why We Walk - Alejandro 

Thursday, February 21, 2013 View Comments

This post is by Denise Negron of the Palm Beach Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Visit her Walk fundraising page. The Palm Beach Walk, which takes place on Sunday, March 3, is the first Walk of the year. Visit to find a Walk near you.

I walk because you are our Angel, my oldest Son and because you are Mine.

I walk because every day you make me proud.  You face your fears and don’t even know it.  You encounter sounds, smells and sights that make your body uncomfortable, yet you continue on.  I walk because you are Brave.

I walk because you are a Gift.  You have made me a better Mother and a better person.  You look at things from another perspective and give me insight, and never cease to amaze me.  I walk because you are Smart.

I walk because there are 1 in 88 families who are dealing with what we do everyday.  It is not an over diagnosis….it is real and it is now.  I walk for Research.

I walk for the Future to see who you will become.  I look at people like Bill Gates, David Beckham and think WHAT IF.  I may not have the star power of Jenny McCarthy, Oprah Winfrey, but I Hope that I can make a difference.  I walk for Hope.

I walk because due to the cost of the therapies, we lose everything including our home and thanks to Autism Speaks and the legislation, now my son’s therapies are covered by the insurance.  I walk for advocacy.

I walk because although you were not able to communicate verbally, at the age of 7, I finally heard those magic words from your lips:  “I love you Mom”. 

I walk because you are our Hero and we love you !


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