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2011 Blair County Walk Now for Autism Speaks 

Monday, June 6, 2011 View Comments

The Blair County Walk Now for Autism Speaks was a homerun in 2011! 

This event was held at the home of the Altoona Curve at Blair County Ballpark on June 4, 2011. 

Over 500 people came out to support each other and Autism Speaks while enjoying the beautiful weather.  Almost $40,000 was raised so far and our goal of 50,000 is within our reach while we continue to raise funds over the next few months. 

The grand club members were honored with their pin presentations during our opening ceremonies at top of the dugouts. 

Congratulations to Joy Finochio, Rebecca Nearhoff, Kelly Chaapel, Darin Claar and the Whiting Family on achieving this honor. We would like to extend a special thank you to all our committee members who work tirelessly on this event.    

No one left that event with an empty stomach as there was more than enough donated foods for everyone.  They are already working on ways to make next year even better!

To check out all the teams that participated at the Walk, please visit our website at


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